What Lies Here Will Remain

Via Purgatory, a Butterfly Leaves Wisdom

Purgatory Flats

I started out in search of ordinary things
How much of a tree bends in the wind?
I started telling the story without knowing the end

I used to be darker, then I got lighter, then I got dark again
And something too big to be seen was passing over and over me
It seemed like a routine case at first
With the death of the shadow came a lightness of verse
But the darkest of nights, in truth, still dazzles
And I work myself until I’m frazzled

I ended up in search of ordinary things
Like how can a wave possibly be?
I started running, and the concrete turned to sand
I started running, and things didn’t pan out as planned

In case things go poorly and I not return
Remember the good things I’ve done

- Bill Callahan, Jim Cain

A worn down wooden walkway leads across a lake to a small island in the middle. There, a cabin sits surrounded by trees.
“The House of Hunting and Fishing” near Kiev, Ukraine
Into Purgatory
By age (from top to bottom): Patricia, Dorothy, Carolyn, & Charles Treptow
Durango-Silverton Train Tracks
Day 1 Camp along the Animas River



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